Permanent Jewelry



⚡️Come see the hottest new trend in jewelry and celebrate a 
special connection to someone you love! We now offer Infinity Permanent Jewelry services– providing custom-fit bracelet and anklets, placed on the wearer without a clasp.

With the technology of our new pulse arc welder, we are able to join Sterling Silver, Gold-filled, and 14K Gold chains to create a seamless, “infinite” look encircling your wrist or ankle. This safe and painless process takes less than 15 minutes, and the jewelry can easily be removed in the future with scissors, if desired. The concept is a modern, upscale take on the classic friendship bracelet, designed for daily wear and layering with multiple jewelry pieces. This is jewelry made just for you– customized to reflect your individual style, commemorate a special occasion, or create a lasting memory of time spent with your loved ones. Bracelet prices start at $45 for Sterling Silver, $60 for Gold-Filled, and $105 for 14K Gold (yellow, white, and rose gold options available).

Appointments are encouraged, but not required. We will always do our best to accommodate walk-ins as long as our Certified Permanent Jewelry Welder is available to work with you and your group. Please reserve your spot using the calendar below, or give us a call at (757) 678–0055 to book an appointment. Thank you for your interest in our new Infinity Permanent Jewelry services! We look forward to seeing you!





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