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Mini Orchid Necklace in Tin Gift Box

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  • Real Miniature Orchid Blossom (preserved in a durable resin coating)
  • Each Flower is one of a kind ~ *each slightly vary in size, color, and petal shape.*
  • Blossoms measure 0.5" – 1.5" in diameterReal Orchid Flower
  • Sterling Silver Chain in 16", 18" or 20" Lengths
  • Beautifully packaged in a Keepsake Tin Gift Box

Our best-selling Real Mini Orchid Necklace is truly a one-of-a-Kind gift that's sure to make a great impression!

This dainty necklace features a Real Miniature Orchid Blossom in your choice of vibrant colors, carefully grown in a nursery then hand-selected for its unique beauty. It's preserved in a durable resin coating for a lifetime of enjoyment! All of our miniature Orchid Blossoms are mounted on Freshwater Pearls (on the back of the flower) and are suspended from a Sterling Silver beaded ball chain in your choice of length (16, 18, or 20 inches). Packaged in a lovely keepsake box, this style will make an unforgettable gift for women and girls of all ages!

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  • So beautiful and unique!

    Posted by Gail Whittaker on 10th Feb 2014

    Every time I wear my orchid necklace, I get so many compliments on it and women ask "Where on earth did you get that beautiful necklace?" On one hand I hate to reveal the secret, but I always ALWAYS share because Moonrise Jewelry is amazing in quality, price and appearance. Have to share the good stuff! Anyway, I recommend the necklaces, earrings, or anything else that catches your eye at Moonrise Jewelry.

  • Amazing!

    Posted by Diane - Norfolk, VA on 9th Jan 2014

    Every time I wear it I get compliments - even from total strangers! You will love it!

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What is Fish Leather?

Fish Leather Species

Reel Fish Leather

  • Genuine Fish Leather is Eco-Friendly! It's made from Recycled Salmon, Perch, Carp, Wolf fish + Tilapia skins.
  • Fish Leather is Tanned & Dyed in Vibrant Colors, with a Unique Texture for each Fish Species
  • Our Fish Leather Bracelets are One Size Fits Most (Copper Core is Adjustable)

Handmade Fish Leather Jewelry

Our “Reel” Fish Leather is a fascinating material that’s made from Salmon, Perch, Carp, Wolf fish and Tilapia skins discarded by the canning industry. All of our Fish Leather comes from + is processed in Iceland.

  • The fish are farm-raised, cleaned, scaled, and canned for consumption. Instead of throwing the fish skins away, they are recycled into leather and dyed in a tannery. (It’s the same idea as making leather from cow hides; but our tannery uses fish hides, instead).
  • By re-purposing a natural by-product and eliminating the need for harsh chemicals used to tan mammal hides, our Fish Leather is an Eco-friendly alternative to other leathers.
  • The tanning process completely removes all odor and transforms what was once trash into treasure! The result is a richly-colored leather with an exotic scale pattern unique to each species. (Scales are removed; the unique texture is made by the "scale pocket" that remains.)
  • SALMON LEATHER has the smallest scale pattern, resembling snakeskin
  • PERCH LEATHER has a medium-sized, honeycomb texture
  • CARP LEATHER produces a large scale pattern that has a "fluffy" look in the suede finish
  • WOLF FISH LEATHER has a spotted look, and no scale pattern (wolf fish is a scaleless fish)
  • TILAPIA LEATHER produces a very uniform texture.
  • Our Reel Fish Leather Jewelry is available in various colors with different finishes– shiny glazed finish, soft suede finish, and beautiful metallic finishes.

Production of a Fish Leather Bracelet

  • To make our Signature Fish Leather Cuffs, we start by forming a durable copper core to give the bracelet flexibility and an adjustable fit. The copper is embedded inside the leather, and each bracelet is lined with Suede Fish Leather for a soft and comfortable fit.
  • Just squeeze and mold your bracelet until the fit is exactly how you like it, and over time the leather will soften even more and retain the shape of your wrist.
  • Our Fish Leather bracelets are lightweight, and customers rave about how easy and comfortable they are to wear every day. Try one yourself, and we think you'll agree!

Caring for Your Fish Leather Jewelry

  • Our "Reel" Fish Leather Designs are durable, and like any leather product will take naturally take on a softened look over time. This process will be hastened if they are submersed in water, which tends to mat down the scale pattern.
  • If necessary, spot clean the leather using a little gentle soap and soft, wet cloth. Species that have a larger scale pattern (like carp), tend to have a "fluffy" look in the suede finishes.
  • With frequent wear, the scale pockets sometimes start to soften and look a little more loose with time. If it looks too rugged for your taste, try giving your piece a "haircut" and trim with scissors.
  • If you have an embellished cuff with metal components that need to be shined, we recommend using a dry polishing cloth.